I have words as well as pictures for you today!
Let me introduce you to Phil.

Full disclosure – he’s my boyfriend. Let’s get that out there. But I’m not here to tell you about that side of him. (Let’s face it, we’d be here days and his ears would practically be on fire!!)


Nope. I’m here to tell you about his new business venture. Phil is primarily an artist. And a very talented one too – that’s not my opinion, he has a degree in fine art and has regular commissions for paintings.


For the past fifteen years or so, Phil has been also working as a greetings cards designer. For quite some time he worked with Emotional Rescue and enjoyed huge success with his Virtual Safari range. He hasn’t worked with Emotional Rescue for a few years now, but his cards are still in all the top card shops and they remain bestsellers. I’m pretty sure you would recognise cards from this range – you may even have sent or received them yourself.

Phil won two Henrys in the humour category – these are annual industry awards – and at the time he was the first designer to win in consecutive years.

To bring you up to date – exciting times!- Phil has just launched his own website to sell his cards directly to the public.

Check it out over here. And an Etsy store There are several ranges online already with new cards and art prints being added all the time.

You can have a personalised message printed inside your card as well. The cards are really good quality and great value for money.

Phil will be featuring his art soon, with a couple of pieces being put up for sale and he will be taking commissions. So if you have something in mind that you would like, drop him a message!

In the meantime you can follow Phil on Twitter (@philintheboxx) and Instagram (philintheboxx) – he has a Phil In The Box Facebook page; Pinterest will follow soon.

There is also an awesome competition running for the next week, where you have to come up with a caption for this picture :

The winner will get a free copy of a card bearing their joke and will see it going live for sale on the website!

So here are a couple of my personal favourites – why not visit Phil’s website to see the rest?

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