Nicky Rockets (#GetWellSoonNickyRockets) 

Nicky Rockets (#GetWellSoonNickyRockets) 

Unless you have been orbiting the Earth IN a rocket, you can’t help but have noticed the rise and rise of Nicky Rockets over the past couple of years.

In partnership with his exceedingly fabulous wife, Betty Pamper (and I’ve no doubt aided and abetted by their beautiful daughter Baba) he has created a fun, stylish range of tees, vests and even cardigans, all carrying his inimitable trademark curvy heroines.

This was my first foray into Rocketdom…

Nicky Rockets

I’m pretty sure this was an end of the line offer, so unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to snap one up for yourself. And you can’t have this one, it’s MINE!

Next was this one :

Nicky Rockets

Swiftly followed by :

Nicky Rockets

Halloween limited edition:

Nicky Rockets

And a RED one to mix things up a little:

Nicky Rockets

Other designs are available, each of them as fun and sassy as the ones you see here.

What is super about this range (which has recently branched out into yoga prints, pink tees and tea towels!) is that it’s extremely inclusive – their tees go all the way up to a 5XL. They’re affordable and the shirts themselves are ethically sourced.

You know what else? And this is REALLY important to me – their customer service is excellent. Really, second to none. Nicky and Betty go above and beyond and all their orders have a distinct personal touch – a little free novelty gift; leopard print wrapping – stickers – it’s a brilliant shopping experience. They care.

I vote with my feet – or in this case, my mouse and I find myself drawn back again and again. I will ALWAYS support and endorse body positive designers.

Talking of voting – Nicky Rockets has been nominated as Best Designer in the British Plus Size Awards 2015 – why not head over there and give him your vote? It would be very well deserved.

Today, we have heard the sad news that Nicky has recently been hospitalised and has been quite poorly for the last five days – we send all our love and support to him and Betty (and Baba and even Mr Truffles) – positive vibes winging their way to Rocket Towers, for a swift recovery.


Nicky Rockets



  1. 8th July 2015 / 3:48 pm

    What a amazing collection of Nicky Rockets T shirts, I love my Invasion of the Killer Curves one. I love the fact he has crested Curverella a curvy kick ass heroine. I too wish him a speedy recovery as they all seem so lovely and it must be so hard for them all.

    • Daisy Hollands
      8th July 2015 / 4:04 pm

      I want them all! I always feel AMAZING when I wear my tees, and I get so many compliments. Great to see Nicky came home from hospital last night so Betty can give him the care he deserves. Thank you for commenting Vicky xxx

  2. 2nd November 2015 / 10:25 am

    ace website.

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