In honour of Valentine’s day  and because we think that all forms of love should be celebrated, together with a group of awesome ladies, I took part in Loveswap – a bit like a Secret Santa with added hearts!

The original idea was Sophie’s, we gave ourselves a budget of £10 and using a random internet name selector generator thingy (yes that *is* a technical term, shut up!!) we all found out who we had to choose a gift for!

I had to buy for the lovely Tanya and my gorgeous gifter was my amazing friend Sophie – you can check out what she sent me on my new YouTube channel – why not subscribe while you’re watching my first ever video!

Sophie chose really well, I felt thoroughly indulged and all the gifts really meant something to me. Thank you Sophie!


Here’s a full  list of everyone taking part in Loveswap – go check out their posts, I’m dying to see what we all got given!











Love to you all

Daisy xxx

2 thoughts on “Loveswap ”

    1. I Loved them! It wouldn’t have been more perfect if I’d chosen myself! Thanks again – not only for the gifts, but for the initial idea – hopefully this will become an annual event in our calendar? xx

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