Female Friendships


I was considering what might be the subject matter of today’s post, when this popped up on my Instagram feed (thanks to @missevelynjo

Female Friendships
It’s a topic that is very close to my heart. The media is particularly fond of portraying women as being competitive bitches, clambering over one another to get ahead.

In reality, for me at least, I would say that was utter nonsense. Sure, there are one or two women like that – by the law of averages, there are bound to be.

But on the whole, the majority are polar opposites to this – empathetic, caring, on hand with advice and support.

Maybe I’m lucky. I think this could be the norm, if we all stepped back and stopped fighting each other long enough to realise that our battles are not with other women.

The main focus of our anger and annoyance should lie with the patriarchy.  We should be railing against unequal pay for women, rather than giving one another the side eye over whether or not our arses are too big to wear a skirt that short. (Clue – no. Your arse is not too big. If you like it, wear the damned skirt. Life is too short for that shit).

Racism, especially institutionalised racism. Lack of diversity. Body shaming. Ableism. Ageism. Child poverty.  There are so many things we could be fighting against – as women we can choose to stand together and present a united, strong front – a real force to be reckoned with.

Or we can allow pettiness and jealousy to isolate,  humiliate and separate us – so we become weak, vulnerable and insignificant.

Pick a side. Join me. I’ll stand with you. I’ve got your back. We can do this.

Female Friendships

See you tomorrow!

Daisy 💜

Female Friendships

2 thoughts on “Female Friendships”

  1. Agreed!

    I haven’t had the displeasure of meeting women who thrive on competition with other women. My women friends are the most supportive people I know.

    If anything, I find that some men are more likely to talk about this “competition between women”.

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