Dear Oprah

31st December 2015 8 By Daisy Hollands

Dear Oprah,

Well. Here we are again.

I saw you on TV this morning advertising a diet.

Are we through the looking glass?? Seriously.

You’ve been here before. So many times. As a long time viewer (when your show was still popular enough to be on mainstream TV), I am well aware that your battle with your weight (and I suspect your personal demons) has been long term, hard going and well documented.

You know better than most people that dieting doesn’t work. You’re well aware that statistically, most people who lose weight put it all back on again and then some. And then some more.

Can I remind you that your previous “successes” include the 1988 loss of 67lb via the medium of a liquid protein diet? 67lb you soon put back on.

You’ve made mistakes and you’ve said as much yourself.
So why on earth have you now bought shares in Weightwatchers? What possible benefit could there be for you to invest in the multi-million pound diet industry, fuelled by insecurity and perpetuated by the media? Oh wait.

Frankly your greed disgusts me. You have worked hard and earned a fortune. For you now to prey on the misery of other women solely to boost your own bank balance is nothing short of despicable.

Making money from others’ insecurities is not cool. Making money from those insecurities when you know exactly the damage caused by the diet industry, when you’ve felt that pain yourself is evil.

You are in a position of influence. You have an unusual amount of power. You’re trusted and respected. You could have done something worthwhile. You could have done something radical.

You could have told the truth about life as a fat woman, called for an end to body shaming and championed size acceptance.

You did none of these things.

You chose to sell out. You chose to be the face of a company that sells a false dream. That literally trades on hopes and fears.

What know for sure is this – you have compromised your integrity by getting into bed with Weightwatchers.

You are a false prophet and I have lost all respect for you.