What if?

What if?

19th June 2015 12 By Daisy Hollands

What if?

Today I want to talk to you about what-ifs. And coulda-beens, woulda-beens, shoulda-beens.

All phrases tinged with regret and a modicum of sadness.

That is NOT for me. Nope. All the nope. I want to get to 150 (why yes, I planning on living to at LEAST 150, what of it?) and regret the things I have done, not the things I haven’t. I’m known as something of an impulsive person. On the day I changed my name, I messaged two of my best friends, to tell them the news – “guess what I did today?”
One replied “Should I be concerned at all?” while the other simply said “Oh dear God.” My reputation clearly goes before me. (And often comes back shaking its head in disgust, but that’s another blog post entirely!)

Almost all of my tattoos, including my first, were spontaneous decisions. In the case of my wrist tattoos, I literally woke up one Saturday last summer and thought “Hmm I want new ink today”. Rang the shop to book in for one tattoo and by the time I arrived at the appointment, I had decided I wanted not one, but two.

When put together, “what” and “if” are the saddest, meekest little phrase. I don’t want to die wondering.

So what if I do something and it goes wrong? So it doesn’t work out the way I expected or hoped. At least I’ve tried. At least I’m not left wondering. Doing SOMETHING is always better than doing nothing. If your something turns out to be the wrong thing, try something else – life truly is for living.

Life is short. Really short. REALLY. Fucking. Short. Grab it. Embrace it – seize every opportunity, every chance and every possibility with both hands and an open mind.

I’m almost 50 and I can honestly say that I am still finding out who I am and why I’m here. I’m finally realising what my purpose is and I’m loving the discovery!

Just take a moment to consider – what are you going to do with your precious, short life? What can you do today that will make you smile when you look back 10,20,30 years from now?

Go make yourself some memories. Some might make you cringe but that’s way better than being left to wonder “what if?”

What if?