special day

Today is a special day

June 21st 2015. Summer Solstice. First day of Summer. The longest day. Fathers Day in the UK.

None of these is the reason today is a special day. Nope.

It’s actually World Giraffe Day.  Just let that sink in a moment.  WORLD Giraffe Day. Not national. Not even International. World.

special day
All inclusive, all giraffes, everywhere.

Who doesn’t love a giraffe? I bloody love a giraffe, I do.

Giraffes are wise. Steady.  Dependable. Always there when you need them. I get that some of you have Dads for that. I don’t. But I do have giraffes. Lots of ’em. Giraffes are everywhere.

special day
And these are my favourites…

special day
I’m considering getting another….
special day
So for all of you that don’t have a Dad you can depend on – here’s a pair of giraffes just for you.
Happy World Giraffe Day one and all.

special day

Come on Apple. The campaign for a giraffe emoji starts here!

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