Secrets and Lies

20th March 2015 6 By daisyhollands



I’m writing this because I am being smeared on social media – and I know that what is being said privately is much worse than is being said publicly.

I’m writing this because I had offered a donation to a charity (that was minimum £25 and could have gone up to around £250 depending on sales) – which was welcomed when offered, but then refused once a certain person had started to spread poison about me.

I’m writing this because I have been accused of lying, of being hurtful and unkind, because the person in question has looked at my tweets and decided they are about her or aimed at her and yes, *some* of them are – happy now? But the fact that she recognises that, means she knows that they are based on truth,

She is full of fake concern for my “hurting” and “demons”, yet proceeds to besmirch me for my “lies”


My turn to have my say – and I don’t think she’s going to like it. And after this, a few of you may not like me, but this is my truth.

I fell in love. Yes, with someone else’s boyfriend. But…it was mutual, he said. He would leave her, he said. We would have a life together, he said.

I know she thinks I was just trying to “steal away her most precious possession” – imagine that? Describing your lover as a *possession*. That’s not how it happened. We were friends and we fell in love. It wasn’t planned, we both fought it and then gave in to the feelings.  He told me he loved me in a way he had never loved anyone before. That he had settled for a relationship that was based on “warm companionship” – not love. That he would be ending that relationship just as soon as he could “unpick the complicated financial entanglement”.

I know she doesn’t WANT to believe this, but every word is true. I can back up everything I’m saying with texts, emails, receipts from hotel rooms we stayed in…this was no casual thing, we talked about marriage. He met my children, more than once. He was well known to my colleagues and friends. Equally some of HIS friends knew about us and were delighted that we had found happiness in each other.

In the end, I walked away. I couldn’t continue to live half a life and it became painfully apparent that he was too much of a coward to leave her. Turns out he’s not the person I thought he was. The person I was in love with doesn’t actually exist. OR is perhaps just too beaten down and controlled to be himself.

I’ve said this before – and I’m saying it openly, not “text me, email me” which is secretive and furtive – openly – just ask me, I haven’t lied and I won’t.