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A Present from Photowall



Everyone loves a gift, don’t they? For me, Christmas came early this year when I was offered a present from Photowall to brighten up my home over the festive period.


Photowall – easy ways to redecorate

The only problem I had with this lovely opportunity, was making my choice. There are so many different designs available, I hardly knew where to begin.

I tried to think logically about what I wanted in the first place. Photowall offers wallpaper, canvas prints, murals and posters. I knew I didn’t really want wallpaper or a mural, because that would mean whichever design I chose would be permanent. By going for a poster or canvas, I knew I would have the option of moving it if I wished.

So I decided on a canvas, and then came the difficult decision of which design to choose. There are many categories, such as animals, astronomy & space, food & drink and nature, to name but a few. There’s a dedicated vintage section, designs aimed at children and a section of different surfaces and textures.

I love daisies (the clue is in the name!) and there were several really beautiful daisy prints, but in the end, after much clicking around the website, I settled on a book print. We all love books, so this seemed like a choice that we would all appreciate.

How to order

The space I intended to hang the canvas was quite sizeable, so I chose the largest size available, 150 x 130cm. The ordering process couldn’t have been easier, the website is secure, clean and straightforward and a confirmation email came through almost immediately. I like that peace of mind when I’m ordering online.

Every order Photowall receives is printed on demand, made to measure – but the service is so quick! The confirmation did say that the order would go to print immediately, but still I was surprised when it arrived via courier so quickly. You don’t expect bespoke, made-to-measure custom items to be turned around so fast!












I was also surprised by the size of the package – I knew the canvas was self assembly, but I hadn’t bargained on the package being so tall. (Remote control for scale) I guess here is where I admit that 150 x 130cm was quite a lot bigger than I had anticipated.

Nevertheless, we unpacked the components and set about constructing our canvas. If I was surprised at the size of the parcel, I was completely shocked at how easy it was to put it all together. In less than 20 minutes, the canvas was ready for hanging.












All that remained was to decide where to put it. As the finished article was bigger than I had imagined in my mind’s eye, we have settled on putting it on the wall alongside the staircase, where we can all enjoy it every day.


In summary

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to brighten up your living space, Photowall is the way to go. So much choice, such good value and what an amazing result.

And if you’re quick, just in time for New Year, you can use the code daisysaysblog2019 for 25% off – even better!



This item was gifted to me for review purposes, I was not paid and all opinions areĀ  my own.


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