Plus 40 Fabulous 

Introducing Plus 40 Fabulous 

Plus 40 Fabulous 

This is going to be a monthly blog challenge, so welcome to the first challenge!

We are a bunch of bold, sassy, forty-plus plus-sized women who want to make our voices heard.

Tired of being overlooked by the majority of the fashion industry, in favour of younger, thinner models, we want to say we’re here, we have money to spend on nice clothes. And we have style, damn it!

Speaking as someone who only really came into her own stylewise a couple of years ago, I know it can be hard to find your niche. And sometimes even harder to find a dress to cover your niche – or to accentuate it, as may be your wont.

As I said, there are a whole bunch of us taking part. Check out all the other blogs, listed below. We’re ladies of a similar ages (except me, I’m older – 50 as of this week) yet our style and dress sense is all very diverse and individual, which I love.

My personal signature style – which is pretty much “too short, too tight and two sizes too small ” is not for everybody. It’s certainly not for the faint-hearted, but I have reached a point in my life where I’m going to wear what I love.

And that’s my advice to you. Wear what you love – it’ll make you feel amazing!

Daisy 💜

You can find Plus 40 Fabulous on FaceBook and on Twitter @Plus40Fabulous.

Here are all the participating blogs – happy reading!

Here’s the full list  (either this month, or to come) –  we’ve had some late joiners (yay!)









Plus 40 Fabulous Plus 40 Fabulous 

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