Best Friends Day 

It was so nice to see this video on National Best Friends Day.


Jennifer Saunders is completely right. Female friendships should be celebrated and treasured.

Across various social media platforms tonight I’ve posted a picture of my gorgeous boyfriend and thanked him for being my best friend – and ultimately he is – but there are many women that I could and should have namechecked also.
And here’s my problem. If I start listing them, I’m scared I’ll miss someone out and I don’t want to do that.
My friends are so may different thing to me. A sounding board. The voice of reason. Keepers of my deepest secrets. The ones I show my crazy to. The ones I laugh with, the ones I cry with – the ones I cry for.
Thanks to social media, I have friends that I rarely see and some that I never see but we still share a connection and I think  the distance between us makes us work harder to stay in touch.

My female friends are all, without exception, excellent women – funny. Eloquent. Wise. Supportive. Strong. Amazing.

They’re always there for me, to listen, to advise, to encourage and applaud and yes, they’ll give me a good kick up the cunt when they think I need it (thanks for that Dawn  & Jennifer!) and invariably they’re right!

So, ladies. You know who you are. I thank you. I love you. You’re the best bitches anyone could ask for and this bitch is thrilled to know you.

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