Lord of the Dance Settee
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Lord of the Dance Settee

Last night I was fortunate enough to be in the audience for Richard Herring’s Exeter gig, “Lord of The Dance Settee”.

Northcott Theatre, the small (but perfectly formed) venue was very nearly full to capacity and the assembled comedy fans eagerly anticipated the appearance of their Comedy God. Actually, if they’d pitched up early enough, they could have seen him in the lobby, chatting to punters amiably – I’ve been to RH gigs before and it is a bit like a night out down the pub with your really funny mate. (you know, the one that brings a microphone and a sofa with him).

So, the show was pretty fast paced – as RH is a brand new father, I assumed he was caffeine-propelled as he Riverdanced his way on stage. I also assumed he would spend a fair proportion of the show slumped on the sofa – maybe I shouldn’t judge him by my own standards!

As usual, the show was meandering and whimsical, lots of references to Richard’s own life, childhood anecdotes (those are usually my favourite bits). I have to confess, I did particularly enjoy the more recent tale of RH’s encounter with a 10 year old boy (not like that, stand down Yewtree!) and I think I have found the text for my next tattoo…”It’s Political Correctness gone…correct!”

I also enjoyed a couple of anti-UKIP comments (as is my wont) – not *so* much the couple directly in front of us, who didn’t laugh much, bristled quite visibly and left soon after that. GOOD. UKIPpers don’t deserve decent comedy.

I don’t want to say much more, because you really ought to go and see the show yourselves. RH is touring for ages yet : http://www.richardherring.com/gigs/ – go if you get the opportunity. Hilarious (and reasonably priced) night out – lots and lots of laughs, and the possibility of upsetting some racist idiots – what’s not to like?

Oh yeah…after the show, you can actually touch Mr Herring for about a tenner and he’ll give you a free book or DVD as a souvenir.*

*May not be entirely accurate.

Lord of the Dance Settee


23rd February 2015 at 6:11 pm

Looks like he’s trying too hard with that hair.

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