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In honour of Valentine’s day  and because we think that all forms of love should be celebrated, together with a group of awesome ladies, I took part in Loveswap – a bit like a Secret Santa with added hearts! The original idea was Sophie’s, we gave ourselves a budget of £10 and using a random…

By Daisy Hollands 15th February 2016 2

Female Friendships

Evening! I was considering what might be the subject matter of today’s post, when this popped up on my Instagram feed (thanks to @missevelynjo It’s a topic that is very close to my heart. The media is particularly fond of portraying women as being competitive bitches, clambering over one another to get ahead. In reality,…

By Daisy Hollands 5th November 2015 2


So over on my other website , today I took part in a blogger challenge. I wrote this post and mentioned my Best Friend. His name is Stu, he’s the funniest, kindest person I know. As well as being cute, hot and sexy, he’s sartorially very elegant and he knows a lot of things about a lot of…

By Daisy Hollands 5th July 2015 0