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Taking Control

Do you ever feel that sometimes the Universe is trying to tell you something? I’m having one of those days. I’m also having one of those days and I’m starting to think the two things are not unconnected. Let me take you back to this morning. No wait. Further than that – roundabout this time last…

By Daisy Hollands 23rd June 2015 2

Today is a special day

June 21st 2015. Summer Solstice. First day of Summer. The longest day. Fathers Day in the UK. None of these is the reason today is a special day. Nope. It’s actually World Giraffe Day.  Just let that sink in a moment.  WORLD Giraffe Day. Not national. Not even International. World. All inclusive, all giraffes, everywhere.…

By Daisy Hollands 21st June 2015 0

I am not defined by my lunch choices.

***WARNING*** Could get ranty… Someone has just said to me (in a seriously patronising tone, but that’s a whole other blog post) “oooh you’re being good today” I considered, momentarily, if I WAS being good today and wondered how she could possibly have known this? Did she see me being kind to animals earlier? Nope,…

By Daisy Hollands 16th June 2015 13