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As a fervent believer in equality, imagine my delight on a recent trip to the hairdressers to see a nice bit of sexual equality in one of the trashy magazines. I say nice. What I actually mean is – insidious, nasty and unnecessary. I’ve seen magazines tearing into famous women previously, for the heinous crime…

By Daisy Hollands 12th December 2015 0

Hold Your Own

Posting late! Well it didn’t even take a week for me to slip! Here is the post I should have made yesterday. I discovered this glorious performance recently and feel compelled to share it – it really moves me. Every time I watch,  I get goose bumps, the hairs on the back of my neck…

By Daisy Hollands 7th November 2015 2


Nope, not the TV letters and numbers game, though I do love that. I’m actually counting down to my birthday. I shall be 50 this time next week So one week left of my forties and a chance to reflect on the last decade. How has it been? Fast. Scary. Some amazing highs and some…

By Daisy Hollands 4th November 2015 11