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Well. A lot has happened since I last posted. I’m *literally* a different person. No, really. I’m older, probably no wiser, I’m selling beautiful jewellery and I’ve changed my name. I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday. It’s the last one that will start with a 4… As a little present to myself, I did something…

By daisyhollands 15th November 2014 2


Hello! I’m Mags  Daisy (as of 11.11.2014) –  forty-something, fat and fabulous. (Not even a modicum of modesty!) I wanted somewhere to share outfits, wishlists, make-up and daydreams – so for now…this is it! Some of you may know me from Twitter (@MissInformed11) – I hang out there quite a lot! Come on over and…

By daisyhollands 31st October 2014 0