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What IS #NaBloPoMo? 

I expect you’re wondering – I was too until just a few days ago and yet here we are at day three and I haven’t skipped – go me! So, what IS #NaBloPoMo? Let’s head over to where they have the perfect explanation. Essentially there’s a whole host of us aiming for 30 posts in…

By Daisy Hollands 3rd November 2015 0


Hi! Well. This is ambitious. I haven’t posted (properly) since July. And here we are, the clocks have changed, the nights are drawing in, November is here and I’m staring down the barrel of 30 posts in 30 days. Have I lost my mind? Quite possibly. Will it all end in tears? Probably. These things…

By Daisy Hollands 1st November 2015 0