15th November 2014 2 By daisyhollands

Well. A lot has happened since I last posted. I’m *literally* a different person.

No, really.

I’m older, probably no wiser, I’m selling beautiful jewellery and I’ve changed my name.

I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday. It’s the last one that will start with a 4…
As a little present to myself, I did something I’ve been intending to do for way too many years – I legally changed my name.

I’m now Daisy Hollands. It’s all a bit weird, but in a really good way. If I’d known it would feel *this* good! I would have done it years ago. My friends have all been massively supportive of my decision and are busy adding “Daisy” to the end of every sentence whenever they speak to me. (Apparently this is the only way it’ll go in!)

For me, answering the work phone is the hardest part…I keep chirping “Mags speaking”…oh and today, when getting my flu jab, the pharmacist asked my surname and I gave him my old one. I’m not sure who was more confused when I corrected myself, me or him.

Just goes to show how often we operate on autopilot, I guess.

Let me tell you more about the jewellery! A chance meeting at a recent charity ball has lead to me becoming an Independent Artist with South Hill Designs.

Here’s a link to my website (and yes, I’d better see about changing my name on there too)

It really is beautiful jewellery. The best bit is, every single item will be personally chosen to reflect your mood, your personality, your life. It makes a brilliant gift and with Christmas just around the corner, who wouldn’t want a lovely locket or a beautiful bracelet in their stocking?

Leave me a comment if you’d like more information about special offers and events.

So on my birthday, from the department of “Nope, 49 is DEFINITELY not too old to go out dressed like that!) I was rocking a crop top, mini skirt and knee high boots.

My forties have, in many ways, been the decade I have found myself. It’s a good feeling, being comfortable in my skin.

So, with my fifties firmly in my sights…bring it. I’m ready.