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Meet a blogger – Introducing Violet

As I haven’t blogged myself in such a long time, I thought I would ease my way back in by introducing you to a friend. Through blogging, I have met some incredible, inspiring, interesting people – this gave me an idea – you should all meet a blogger! So in the first of an occasional series, I invite you meet Violet…


Picture of Violet,with plaited hair,  wearing glasses and a jumper in shades of blue and white
Violet Glenton

I’m Violet from Violet Glenton and I also write for online magazine She Might Be with Daisy. Daisy’s kindly let me pop a little guest post up here to introduce myself.

Writing for She Might Be has helped me in many ways. It’s helped me grow as a writer, a person and a friend. I’ve met some incredible people across this journey including Daisy who I’m pretty proud to work alongside.

I started writing for She Might Be back in November 2016. (You can catch up on my posts here) Working on a Plus Size Women Throughout History series that really allowed me to write about a passion of mine. Gradually I’ve expanded it into Fashion and Travel roundups. Now, I’m signed up as an Editor. Say whaaaat? There’s something pretty brilliant about giving back to a community and this is my way of doing it. Daisy will agree it’s really rewarding work.

Writing for She Might Be formed a totally safe space to write online with a heap of helpful, supporting bloggers on hand for any queries. I’m sure Daisy will agree all of the authors at SMB are pretty darn powerful, strong women.

My personal blog started about 3 years ago. But I’ve changed. Writing for other magazines such as She Might Be have taught me to be a better author. Now, this has lead me to a big rebrand. It’s time to grow and evolve again. I’ve launched my new website in an effort to cover all the topics I’d like. After having my son in November, I wanted to include him. You’ll be seeing more travel, lifestyle and baby posts as time goes on. I’d love it if you’d go take a nosey and see what’s instore. Have you checked out my rebrand? Take a look and let me know what you think. I’m taking in the feedback and welcome any constructive criticism.



Photo of Violet, seated, casual attire, wearing glasses.

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