So according to Timehop, it turns out today is actually my second blogiversary. Yes that is a real thing. No, shut up, I did not just invent that word! Blog – i- versary. See? Does what it says on the tin.
Anyway … two years and counting since I first started my blog. I’m always tempted to say “my little blog” but that sounds awfully twee (which I hope I’m not) and also slightly forced humbleness – which I don’t like. And anyway, as has been proven many many times in the last two years, since my first post, there’s nothing little about me! I haven’t been afraid to tackle the difficult subjects – and there are (I feel) more than my fair share of posts about idiots!
Actually, things have been fairly quiet over here on I Will Not Wrap Myself In Smocks And Apologies recently… life has just got in the way a bit. (Plus I have started writing for She Might be so please head over there and catch up with all my latest musings. You’ll notice that I am a LOT less sweary over there…)


I hope to rectify that by taking part in #NaNoWriMo2016. I’m being realistic. Much more likely to turn into NaNoWriNO – I am notoriously shit at these month long blog challenges, as any of my regular readers will attest. (If I have  any regular readers left … hello? helloooo…???)
A little bit of added motivation is that my boyfriend is also participating in #NaNoWriMo (give him a look over at Phil In The Box Blog ) and as we all know how sickeningly competitive I am … this might just be the little kick up the arse I need to get my blog on.


So please do check back – to both of us – every day throughout November and see how we get on!


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