So this blogging every day in June – how’s that working out for you, people?

I have to be honest, I’m not doing so well…if I wasn’t writing this post about how dreadful I am at writing posts, this would be the third day I’d missed. I have ideas and things I want to say, but I never seem to have enough time maaaan…

I need to be better at time management. I know this.  I read this yesterday, written by the very talented Kate Foster of Only Do 1 Thing and it rang sooo many bells. And yes, the irony of reading an article about how I spend my time when I should be spending it more productively is not lost on me.

But let’s not should ourselves –  reading and learning ARE productive. I always have a book in my bag – right now I’m storming through The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau – this was a gift from my awesome buddy Liz Goodchild – I first encountered Liz when she wrote guest prompts for Only Do 1 Thing…aaaaaaand we’re through the looking glass people…

So basically, if you’re looking for ways to procrastinate, I’m your girl! And I know the best places online… I’ve mentioned a couple of them already – Twitter is one of the most fun and informative. I’ve been there a good few years now and have met no end of wonderful, amazing people. I’m @MissInformed11 – come say hi!

There are a few blogs I read and share almost religiously:

Kellie really is often saying exactly what I’m thinking, when she isn’t making me snort liquids down my nose…

Jane blogs about all manner of things – everything from family holidays, to local events, recipes and mental health. She is witty, sharp and empathetic.

Betty is a woman of many talents, whose blog covers way more than plus size fashion and beauty and check out her all-inclusive clothing range.

Kathryn is another blogger who covers a wide range of topics, as diverse as they are interesting and be sure to give her beautiful artwork a little look.

Do you know what, I’m going to stop there…this blog was meant to be about best use of time and instead I am just giving you things to fill your day! Plus as I wasn’t planning on presenting you with My Definitive List of Internet Awesome, I need to think on that and make sure I don’t miss anything important out.

For now, go check out those links and watch out for an updated post…oh, sometime soon…




4 thoughts on “Blogging *nearly* every day in June…”

  1. Ahh I couldnt blog every signle day. I have 16 draft posts still waiting to be written and it takes all my will to focus on getting them posted eek xxx

    1. It has been harder than I anticipated and I do intend to write the two posts I’ve skipped. All any of us can do is try our best 🙂

    1. Only do 1 thing is awesome! You just get a lil’ email “nudge” every morning. For me it’s a reminder to take a little moment and think about something. A snatched minute or two of me time. Can’t beat it!

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