Blog Every Day In June – Day One.

Blog Every Day In June – Day One.

1st June 2015 2 By daisyhollands

So, Lisa came up with the blogger challenge, Blog Every Day in June, and I thought – why not? I have a huge list of Blogs I Want/Need To Write in my phone and now is as good a time as any to crack on with that.

There are quite a few of us taking part (clickable links at the end, so please make sure you click through!) and here is the core list of topics most of us are sort of aiming to cover. My aim is terrible, it’s very likely I will miss by quite some distance, but it is a starting point anyway.


June is going to be great month for finding new blogs and learning more about bloggers you already follow. Please take time to check up on these fab ladies and see what June holds for them all :

Kathyrn – Murder of Goths
Charley – Big Girl About Town
Sarah – Plus Size & Proud
Tukru – Kissakerho
Lauren – Cupcake Thighs
Kelly – Adventures of a Riot Grrrl
Nikki – Natty Nikki

Lisa – My Big Fat Blog