April Blog A Day #5

April Blog A Day #5

11th April 2016 2 By Daisy Hollands

Yeah yeah I know. But I’ve been working away. And this is my first time properly at my desk in daaaays.

And of course, only now do I realise that the theme for Day 5 was ON my desk, not AT.

I don’t have very much at all on my desk that isn’t boring and practical and work related.

One of my favourite pictures of me and my boyfriend as desktop wallpaper. A couple of motivational quote postcards slung on my PC.

For the good stuff you’d need to look IN my desk. Hand cream. Bottles of perfume. Painkillers. Sweeties. (Careful not to get those two confused) Jewellery that I’ve worn to work and taken off halfway through the day. A couple of wedding photos. (Mine). A book a wonderful friend sent me unexpectedly. Pens. A hairbrush. A few greetings cards I’ve received. Assorted receipts. (note to self – sort your expenses!)

I’m not a tidy person. If you look at my desk you’d think I was. But if you were to delve deeper?

No. Not even close.