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No, you’re NOT going mad, I have indeed already taken part in this challenge once – but that was on my *other* site. Now I’ve been tagged in this one by  the lovely Cerys-Mai with a different set of questions to answer, and a chance to nominate some bloggers  that I had to miss out (due to numbers) last time around!

Here is Cerys-Mai’s post and I will be tagging some bloggers at the end with some more questions. Two rules – all questions must be answered and can you please link back to this post?


1) If you could change one aspect of your life i.e. career, hairstyle. What would you change?
About ten years ago, I was doing some hair modelling for Schwarzkopf in London. Their top stylist was jetting on from Japan and she wanted to cut my hair. My waist length hair, that I had been growing since I was in my early 20s. “Okay”, I said, “so long as it’s not too short”.
Ended up with a bob that barely skimmed my shoulders. Cried for DAYS . If I could change that, I would go back to that day and be all the NOPE.
2) What items are in your bag? 
Office keys, house keys, phone charger, phone, purse, tissues, make up, some postcards that belong to my friend Jane, small make-up bag containing the make-up I wore on Sunday night when I was out with Jane, new bus timetables (my usual route is soon to be changing), a compact umbrella, two diaries (I favour the academic style, which usually run from July – July and I am in transition), earbuds, pens, spare glasses, work ID card, sunglasses and pain-killers. Oh and a recipe for a delicious sounding vegetarian cottage pie that I hoped to make one night this week, but is looking unlikely.
3) Where do you prefer to write your blogs?
Usually in my room, but I have the WordPress App, so I often get things started in draft form no matter where I am.
4) Where has been your favourite holiday?
I don’t really *do* holidays. Malta in December 94 – a holiday that I won – was a good one.
5) What was your favourite blog post?
Probably this one. Although it changes frequently.
6) Do you know any other languages?
Hardly. I learned French and German at school and could probably scrape by in French if loaded guns were involved.
7) What is one thing you always forget when leaving the house?
I am famous for never having a coat with me whenever I need one.
8) What do you do to relax?
Read, bathe, listen to music, tweet.
9) Can you play a musical instrument?
Does the recorder count? I’m shit hot at that! I can just about bash out a tune (badly) on a keyboard/piano too. My children are all very musically competent and sing like angels. Me…not so much…
10) What kind of stuff do you blog about?
Being fat. My life. Self-care. Feelings. Food. All kinds of everything really.
11) How often do you post?
Not nearly as often as I would like to. I attempted to take part in #BlogEveryDayInJune and that was pretty  much a disaster. I often find that inspiration comes in bursts, and I will write a blog and then get an idea for another two or three – so I start them in drafts, or perhaps pop a reminder in the notes on my phone and then when I come to write them up find I have lost interest in the subject or have nothing of worth to say!
Here are my questions:
1) What made you start blogging?
2) How many different homes have you lived in and which was your favourite?
3) What’s for dinner tonight?
4) How many different colours (if any) have you dyed your hair?
5) What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? (if you have one – if not, what WOULD be?)
6) Are you a member of any clubs?
7) Are you an early bird or a night owl?
8) Do you have tattoos and piercings?
9) Do you like your name? If not, what would you like to be called?
10) What scares you?
11) What’s the first thing you do when you open your front door and go inside?
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