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Lord of the Dance Settee

Last night I was fortunate enough to be in the audience for Richard Herring’s Exeter gig, “Lord of The Dance Settee”. Northcott Theatre, the small (but perfectly formed) venue was very nearly full to capacity and the assembled comedy fans eagerly anticipated the appearance of their Comedy God. Actually, if they’d pitched up early enough,…

By daisyhollands 23rd February 2015 2


Well. A lot has happened since I last posted. I’m *literally* a different person. No, really. I’m older, probably no wiser, I’m selling beautiful jewellery and I’ve changed my name. I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday. It’s the last one that will start with a 4… As a little present to myself, I did something…

By daisyhollands 15th November 2014 2


Hello! I’m Mags  Daisy (as of 11.11.2014) –  forty-something, fat and fabulous. (Not even a modicum of modesty!) I wanted somewhere to share outfits, wishlists, make-up and daydreams – so for now…this is it! Some of you may know me from Twitter (@MissInformed11) – I hang out there quite a lot! Come on over and…

By daisyhollands 31st October 2014 0