Author: Daisy Hollands

Shirt shopping

  Who is thinking of buying a new shirt soon? The shops are full of the Autumn – Winter clothes and Christmas is coming! Lets explore the options…     What colour shirts make a good impression? When choosing a shirt to impress, a there are a few things to take into consideration –  does…

By Daisy Hollands 17th October 2017 0

Giving in gracefully

Giving in gracefully So as you all know, I decided this month to try my hand at #NaNoWriMo2016 – from a blog writing perspective rather than a novel writing one. I have, in the past been notoriously shite at these month long blogging challenges, but I did start this one with good intentions.  Fate, however,…

By Daisy Hollands 8th November 2016 0

April Blog A Day #15 

Spring. Yeah. I’m still playing catch up. But I can blog today – on the right day!! –  stealing a colleague’s photos from yesterday. (Thanks Lesley!) This happened right outside my office : On the way to the lake a couple of the babies slipped down a drain! Oh No! Fortunately, our porters are amazing…

By Daisy Hollands 15th April 2016 0