April Blog A Day #15 



Yeah. I’m still playing catch up. But I can blog today – on the right day!! –  stealing a colleague’s photos from yesterday. (Thanks Lesley!) 

This happened right outside my office : 

On the way to the lake a couple of the babies slipped down a drain! Oh No! Fortunately, our porters are amazing and they heroically removed the drain cover to rescue the ducklings.

This is becoming something of an annual event. Last year Mother Duck nested in a hanging basket right outside our office window and as the eggs hatched the ducklings all tumbled to the ground in a flurry of feathers and fluff. 

So here’s to Spring. New beginnings and starting over. 

April Blog A Day #5

Yeah yeah I know. But I’ve been working away. And this is my first time properly at my desk in daaaays. 

And of course, only now do I realise that the theme for Day 5 was ON my desk, not AT. 

I don’t have very much at all on my desk that isn’t boring and practical and work related. 

One of my favourite pictures of me and my boyfriend as desktop wallpaper. A couple of motivational quote postcards slung on my PC. 

For the good stuff you’d need to look IN my desk. Hand cream. Bottles of perfume. Painkillers. Sweeties. (Careful not to get those two confused) Jewellery that I’ve worn to work and taken off halfway through the day. A couple of wedding photos. (Mine). A book a wonderful friend sent me unexpectedly. Pens. A hairbrush. A few greetings cards I’ve received. Assorted receipts. (note to self – sort your expenses!) 

I’m not a tidy person. If you look at my desk you’d think I was. But if you were to delve deeper? 

No. Not even close. 

April Blog A Day #4

My favourite quote.  

This one is a no brainer! I even have it tattooed on my wrist … 
Don’t dream it … be it …

Of course, from the song Rose Tint My World – best part of the Rocky Horror Show soundtrack. 

Words to live by, I’m sure you’ll agree and I specifically had them put on my wrist so I’d always be reminded that life is for living. 

The song continues with … give yourself over to absolute pleasure; swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh … perhaps it’s just as well I ran out of space on my wrist…!! 

April Blog A Day #3

My earliest memory.  

This is a weird one. I can remember my mum being taken away in an ambulance because my brother was about to be born, so that would be a few months after my fourth birthday. 

Which is strange. I’m sure I should be able to remember things from earlier than that. But I can’t. 

It’s also interesting that I hadn’t been told why my mum was being taken to hospital. One of my grandparents said she had hurt her foot! 

I guess in 1970, even talking to a small child about to have her life turned upside down by the arrival of a half-sibling she wasn’t expecting, someone in the family having a baby out of wedlock was still a taboo subject. 

Thank goodness we’ve moved on. 

April Blog A Day #2 

My weekend. 

Today I went to look at a car with the intention of buying it, but it wasn’t even available for me to see. 

Tomorrow I’m working. 

Suffice to say, not my best weekend ever. 

April Blog A Day #1

So here we are again with another month long blog challenge. I’ve attempted these a couple of times and almost always failed – but this one looks manageable. 
Created by Tracey over at http://tantrumsandglitter.com/ – the categories she has chosen lend themselves to some different styles of posting – so you can expect to see regular posts, photos and hopefully one or two vlogs thrown in. 
To get us underway, let’s start with 10 facts about me. Some of these you might know, some might be a surprise. 
1. I changed my entire name on my 49th birthday and I wish I’d done it years ago. 

2. I love Diet Coke, but can’t drink the full fat version because the sugar in it sets my teeth on edge. I can always tell the difference! 

3. I’ve signed up to do The Colour Run in aid of a local hospice, in June this year – although I have no intention of running! 

4. I’m a (lapsed) member of MENSA – my IQ is just one mark lower than Stephen Hawking’s. 

5. I pretty much drowned when I was about six. I completely blacked out in the water and had to be dragged out and I assume, rescucitated. This has left me with a lasting fear of water. I can swim, but I rarely do. 

6. My favourite colour is purple. I’ve had purple hair previously and probably will again.

7. I am ridiculously, embarrassingly competitive. If I can’t be the absolute best at something, I have no interest in taking part. If you know me in real life you probably have a cringe worthy story about me being over the top competitive and making an utter arse of myself. Do me a favour and ssshhhhhh. 

8. I won a plus sized beauty contest in 1994. It was kind of televised, and my mum (who I was estranged from at the time) told my aunt that she was so ashamed, she didn’t leave the house for a week afterwards. That made my day!

9. I’m more than a little obsessed with Rocky Horror Picture Show – I have a tattoo with a quote from the show on my wrist, and I intend to get more. 

10. I’m a very impulsive person. Before now, I’ve woken up and said “I feel like a new tattoo” and actually that day came home with two new ones. And just this week I arranged to buy a car completely out of the blue! 

Who else is taking part in #AprilBlogADay ? Let me know so I can link you up and don’t forget to check back every day to see how long it takes me to fall on my face with my  efforts. 

Silent Sunday #13

In my country this is a long weekend. I hope you’re all finding time and indeed making time for selfcare. 
Selfcare is not selfish.